Select up to 3 Flavors of our Individual 3 cup bag
Your order will be split evenly among the flavors and number of bags you select.

Example 1-You choose 25 bags with 3 flavors consisting of Caramel Sea Salt, Chicago Style and White Cheddar.  You will receive 9 bags of Caramel Sea Salt, 8 bags of Chicago Style and 8 bags of White Cheddar equaling 25 bags.

Example 2-You choose 75 bags with 2 flavors consisting of Butter and Oreo.  You will receive 38 bags of Butter and 37 bags of Oreo equaling 75 bags.

Individual Bags

Individual Bags

Choose a Flavor

Birthday Cake
Caramel Sea Salt
Chicago Style
Hotlanta Con Limon
Lemon Delight
Palooza Blast
Parmesan Garlic
Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate
Pina Colada
Sweet Heat
White Cheddar
White Chocolate Pretzel

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